We are please to announce that some of Mokie’s Satsangs are now available on CDs.

A donation of $10 is requested for CD (use PayPal buttons below next to the CD you want), however, no one will be denied a CD for limited or lack of funds. For non-Paypal payment or other special circumstances, Contact Mokie.

CD product
No. #001
This Moment Consciously, Blissfully, Being Itself
In this Satsang, Mokie examines a common
trap of seekers, confusing states for what is common to all states.

In this Satsang, Mokie examines a common trap of seekers, confusing states for what is common to all states.

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No. #002
The Seer and the Seen
In this Satsang, Mokie talks about the
the many things that can distract us from what we want from the spiritual

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No. #003
A Spiritual Teaching
Can Create More Suffering if you're not Careful

In this Satsang, Mokie explores the
danger of dharma, the danger of teachings that can create more desire, more
lack, if we're not careful.

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No. #004
Anything You Can See or
Know is Not You

In this Satsang, Mokie points out a first
stage teaching that radically deconstructs the ego, the black and whiteness of
this certain teaching that point to the Truth.

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No. #005
Relaxing into
Effortless Awareness

In this Satsang, Mokie references last
week's Satsang as a beginning. And, now, there is nothing for you to do to
be what you are.

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No. #006
Talking About Spirit in
the 3rd Person

In this Satsang, Mokie explores our
tendencies toward talking about Spirit "out there", as if is not here right

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No. #007
Surprise! It's not what
you thought!

In this Satsang, Mokie explores living in
the world with all the pain and lost we experience, in the context of
radical realization.

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No. #008
There's the truth, and
then "there's the Truth"

In this Satsang, Mokie shares the stark
differences between "relative truths" and "the absolute Truth", not as a
learning, though that is there, but as a direct realization.

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No. #009
The Stage of Life
Mokie here explores the common complaint of feeling "stuck" in spiritual development and where that derives from, and what to do about it.

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No. #010
Owning Yourself
In this Satsang, Mokie looks at whether people who don't practice and don't know about spirituality of this form are barred from the realization offered by the traditions.