Santa Cruz Satsangs with Mokshananda

212 Fair Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Berkeley Satsang with Mokshananda

Please see for information

Sebastopol Satsang with Mokshananda

8476 Sonoma Avenue, Sebastopol, CA. For info, call 707-235-2200 or email

Portland, OR, Satsangs with Mokshananda

Claire’s home at 3434 N.E. 22nd (near Fremont), Portland, OR. For information and reservations for private meetings, please contact Howie at (503) 544-9592 or email him at

Boulder, CO, Satsangs with Mokshananda

at Scott & Shanti Medina’s home. Contact Spencer at or 720-628-0718 for information

ITC Integral Satsang with Mokshananda

Please see for information

Seattle Satsang with Mokshananda

Satsang will be held at Don & Lois Johnson’s home, 9400 NE 25th Street, Clyde Hill, WA 98004.

For information and to book a private time with Mokie, contact Spencer at 360-866-9523 or email